Bent danger sign; red, blue, black
Bent danger sign; red, blue, black

Trink Lieber Eptinger! (Drink more Eptinger water!), 1947
It is hard to find better advertising than the "object posters" created in Basel in the '40s and '50s by Herbert Leupin, Niklaus Stoecklin and Peter Birkhauser. Drink More Eptinger Water! is surely the most arresting poster of its genre. The object poster was especially suited to lithography, where brilliant color and richness in texture could be achieved to make objects look real. The Swiss had a passion for this style, perhaps because it appealed to their love of precision, but also because it could be understood by everyone -- not a simple task in a country with four national languages. The object poster died in the late '50s as lithography gave way to lower quality offset printing. Drink More Eptinger Water! like most of Leupin's work, combines gentle humor with breathtaking graphic skill. It reveals his uncanny ability to focus on one irresistible image which could be absorbed in a second and remembered for a lifetime. Leupin should be considered the successor to Leonetto Cappiello, the father of modern advertising who specialized in product posters (considered by many the most challenging poster assignment). Leupin studied in Basel and then in Paris with Paul Colin, the renowned Art Deco master who discovered Josephine Baker. As the all-time leader for Swiss Poster of the Year awards, Leupin garnered more than 80 honors over a 30 year span. Needless to say, this poster was an award winner in 1947 and is in MoMA's permanent collection.
35'' x 50'' / 89 x 127 cm
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
ID# SWL00139
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