Psychedelic portrait of John Lennon Beatles; red, purple, yellow
Psychedelic portrait of John Lennon Beatles; red, purple, yellow

John Lennon - Look Magazine, 1967
It was a rare occasion when the cover of Look Magazine outshone Life Magazine, its rival. But on January 9, 1968, Look’s cover featuring Richard Avedon’s dazzling psychedelic portrait of John Lennon blew Life and every other magazine away. Appearing at the height of the Beatles popularity and the Sgt. Pepper craze, the magazine quickly sold out, its cover portrait undoubtedly the most famous design to ever grace the magazine. The article itself featured Avedon’s solarized portraits of each Beatle in a fold-out spread that included a black and white group photograph of the Fab Four on the reverse. Brian Epstein, the enterprising manager of the Beatles, put together a venture to sell beautifully printed posters in conjunction with Look Magazine and other magazines in England, Germany and Japan. These original 1967 posters – not reprints - are the extremely hard to find US printing distributed by Look. In the Sixties, Avedon rose to become one of the top fashion and portrait photographers for the remainder of the century, working extensively for Harper’s Bazaar, Look and Vogue as well as on classic ad campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein (Brooke Shields's famous blue jean ads) and Versace. His poster of John Lennon captures the spirit of the era like few others, and is included in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection as well as many other museums.
22.5'' x 31'' / 57 x 79 cm
Framed Size: 30.5'' x 39.5'' (77 x 100 cm)
Offset | Backed on Linen
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