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Fly TWA - Disneyland Los Angeles, 1955
The advent of fast, long distance turbo-props after World War II made long distance air travel possible for vacationers. The excitement of this era is joyfully evoked in the dazzling, neon Disneyland Moonliner poster by David Klein, dating from the park’s opening in the summer of 1955. The 76-foot tall TWA spaceship was the first exhibit in Disney’s World of Tomorrow. A one-third size mock-up of Howard Hughes’ vision of a commercial space liner in 1986, the Moonliner became one of the symbols of the park and of the optimism of the era.
25'' x 40'' / 64 x 102 cm
Offset | Backed on Linen
ID# USL21415
$3,801 to $10,000
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