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Leupin, Herbert
Pepita (juggling parrot), 1966
Inventory #SWL08255



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Leupin, Herbert
Pepita (juggling parrot), 1966

35 x 50 inches (89 x 127 cm)

Photo offset | Backed on linen

Inventory #SWL08255

Price: $900      

Leupin’s series for Eptinger was so successful that the company asked him to resuscitate an unsuccessful brand of grapefruit drink in 1951. Leupin created an entire marketing program -- from brand name and packaging to magazine and poster advertising -- turning it into a household staple in a few years. With never more than one assistant, Leupin was more effective than most corporate advertising departments

Featuring a playful parrot and bright coloring, the Pepita posters strongly appealed to children. Here Leupin’s love of the circus is blended in to create one of the most appealing of the series. In all, Leupin created nearly 30 posters over 25 years for the brand.

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